Court Injunctions

Alexander JLO's solicitors are experts in applying for court injunctions to deal with a wide variety of cases and offering court order advice. The aim of a court injunction is to protect both adults and children from damaging activities, such as violence and harassment.

Alexander JLO, a highly respected London-based firm of solicitors with offices in the Canary Wharf area of London Docklands, specialises in writing strong and effective court injunction applications and presenting cases in a highly professional manner.

Our aim is to work closely with you to quickly gain a thorough understanding of your case, to ensure that we present it accurately, and we guarantee that your court application will portray a precise representation of your case to the court.

By involving Alexander JLO's experienced court injunction solicitors, your application will be presented in the strongest and most effective way.

The orders most commonly used in court injunction cases are:

Non-molestation order

A court injunction of this type is aimed at preventing your partner or ex-partner from harassing you, your children or relatives. Molesting means harassing, pestering or intimidating and includes assault. In addition, a non-molestation court order can prevent your partner from getting another person to molest or harass you.

Occupation order

This order stipulates who can live in the family home and can also restrict your abuser from coming within a certain distance of the home. An occupation order can:

  • Allow you to remain in your home when your partner is trying to get you to leave
  • Allow you back into the home if your partner has already forced you to leave
  • State that you and your partner must live in separate parts of the home
  • Remove your partner from the home
  • Restrict your partner from entering the surrounding area or coming near

We would be delighted to offer a free initial appointment to discuss your court injunction case; however we are unable to assist with Legal Aid applications.


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