Amateur Landlord Pays Price for Ignorance of the Law


Category: Property

An amateur landlord who ended up with a criminal conviction after illegally renting out his former home to multiple occupants has managed to escape the further sanction of having to repay a year's worth of rent to his tenants.

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Disappointed Job Applicant Accused of Blackmail


Category: Litigation

A restaurateur who was bitterly disappointed not to be offered a job by a leading IT company has ended up being hit with a High Court injunction after he got hold of confidential information and was accused of... Read more »

Unmarried Couples – Take Legal Advice before Moving in Together!


Category: Family

In a decision which illustrates the wisdom of unmarried couples seeking legal advice before their finances become entangled, a man who claimed a stake in his ex-girlfriend's home after they lived together for five years... Read more »

£8 Million Awarded for Licensing Agreement Breach


Category: Commercial Litigation

A company which spent vast amounts of time and money developing plans to make and distribute a soft drink in Pakistan – only to have its licence to do so revoked at the eleventh hour –... Read more »

Victorian Chapel at Centre of Neighbours Land Dispute


Category: General

Devout Victorian churchgoers who erected a Methodist chapel to serve the faithful of a Norfolk town would no doubt be surprised to know that it would one day be at the centre of a bitter dispute between neighbours.

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