Executive 'Stole' £12 Million from Employers


Category: Commercial Litigation

In a salutary warning to companies that the honesty of even the most senior staff cannot always be relied upon, an executive who ripped off millions from his employers to pay for his palatial manor... Read more »

Inconsiderate Flat Owner Pays Price for Disturbing Neighbours


Category: Property

It is well known that flat dwelling is not always free from strife, but few disagreements are likely to be as bitter as that between neighbours in a Central London apartment block after one of them carried out radical alterations which... Read more »

Pop Star's Children Triumph in Paparazzi Privacy Claim


Category: Litigation

In a ruling with far-reaching implications for the media, the High Court has awarded £10,000 in damages to the three children of pop star Paul Weller after un-pixellated photographs of them on a day out... Read more »

Autistic Litigant Received a Fair Hearing


Category: Trusts Wills & Probate

In the context of a case in which an autistic son challenged his father's will, the Court of Appeal has given important guidance on the steps that should be taken to ensure that vulnerable litigants in person... Read more »

'War Horse' Musicians Refused Reinstatement


Category: Employment

Musicians whose role in the West End production of 'War Horse' was superseded by recorded music had a 'strong' case that their employment contracts were breached – but nevertheless failed to convince the... Read more »




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