Illegal Cartel Damages Claims Launched Too Late


Category: Commercial Litigation

In a ruling which underlined that, in commercial litigation, timing can be all important, alleged victims of an illegal price-fixing cartel have had their compensation hopes dashed by the Supreme Court... Read more »

Brokers Refused Commission on Superyacht Sale


Category: Commercial Litigation

Yacht brokers who claimed a 10 per cent commission on the Euros 19.8 million sale of a superyacht between wealthy Russian businessman will not receive a penny after the High Court ruled that they had... Read more »

Court Apportions Blame for Property Over-Valuation


Category: Property

Surveyors and lawyers are each facing £100,000 bills after the High Court ruled that they were equally to blame for a debacle in which a residential property was valued at almost double the sum for which it had been sold just... Read more »

Banoffee Pies Incident Led to Fair Dismissal


Category: Employment

A warehouse manager who was sacked for disobeying an instruction to load four banoffee pies onto a lorry before he went home at the end of his shift has been stripped of his right to compensation by the Employment Appeal Tribunal... Read more »

Executive 'Stole' £12 Million from Employers


Category: Commercial Litigation

In a salutary warning to companies that the honesty of even the most senior staff cannot always be relied upon, an executive who ripped off millions from his employers to pay for his palatial manor... Read more »




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