Changes to Employer’s Obligations on the 6th April 2020 – Employment Law

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Come the new tax year and come with it a whole raft of new regulations and new legislation. 

  • Extension of public sector off-payroll working regime (IR35) to medium and large private sector firms, transferring responsibility for assessing contractors’ employment status from contractors to the hirer.
  • Increase in holiday reference period from 12 weeks to 52 weeks (or number of complete weeks for which the employee has been employed).
  • All workers, not just employees, will be entitled to a written statement of employment particulars. They must receive this by the first day they start work and there is no longer an exemption for jobs lasting less than a month. Additional information requirements will also be imposed.
  • The abolition of Swedish derogation for agency workers. Agency workers must receive key information document from the employment business before they are engaged.
  • A reduction in the threshold for a request to set up information and consultation arrangements from 10% to 2% of employees (with a minimum of 15 employees having to make a request).

Further changes are expected in April 2020 most notably

  • The Parental Bereavement (Leave and Pay) Act 2018 should take effect, providing bereaved parents with two weeks’ paid leave (see article below).
  • Class IA (employer) NI contributions become payable on termination payments above £30,000.

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