How much do solicitors charge to prepare a will?

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Today’s blog looks at the costs involved in making and executing a will.

The costs for preparing a will vary widely depending upon the firm providing them. That being said so does the firm’s knowledge and expertise. It is perfectly possible to prepare a will without the input of a legal professional but always bear in mind that a lawyer will normally have a greater knowledge of the provisions of a will and will also be able to advise you on issues such as trusts, tax planning and taxes.

Alexander JLO charge £300 plus VAT for the provision of a basic will. We like to think that our charges represent excellent value for money. Granted, we are not the cheapest in the market and we know that if you shop around you will find cheaper. Do bear in mind however that Alexander JLO provide the following:

  • A free initial consultation regarding your will to answer any questions that you may have.
  • A free, no obligation consultation with our in-house tax planners who can also advise on trusts, powers of attorney, inheritance tax and other private client matters.
  • Decades of experience of dealing with drawing up wills and the documents associated with them.
  • A professional service. Most of our wills are prepared within 48 hours of receiving full instructions from you.
  • An execution service which will ensure that you will is properly signed and witnessed to avoid any invalidity of the will.

If you are thinking of making a will you need look no further than Alexander JLO’s expert wills lawyers and tax planners. Why not contact us on 020 7537 7000 or for a free, no obligation consultation and see what we can do for you.

This blog was prepared by Alexander JLO’s senior partner, Peter Johnson on the 25th May 2020 and is correct at the time of publication. With decades of experience in almost all areas of law, Peter is happy to assist with any legal issue that you have. His profile on the independent Review Solicitor website can be found Here

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