How to find a good solicitor

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Well, the simple answer is look no further than us! But seriously what should you take into account when looking for a good solicitor and what should you be wary of?

With over 186,000 solicitors practicing in England and Wales, the choice of solicitor may often seem daunting. There are numerous websites giving reviews. Some are more accurate than others and from our own experience, anonymous reviews can be potentially harmful to business as there is often no right of reply and in the case of some of the larger search engines, no way that even defamatory reviews can be removed.

Far better in our view to rely on personal recommendation. If someone has had a good experience with a lawyer, chances are that this will be repeated going forward. Aside from returning clients, of which we have many, almost all of our new business comes from recommendation whether by developers, mortgage brokers or estate agents in relation to conveyancing, or personal recommendation in relation to this field and others.

If you are looking to find an expert solicitor to act for you professionally, diligently and in your best interests, you need look no further than Alexander JLO. Why not contact us for a free no obligation quotation or initial consultation.


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