Landlord and Tenant. Emergency suspension of possession proceedings

Duck and Drake pub from Leeds, UK

The government has announced emergency legislation so that Landlords will not be able to start possession proceedings to evict Tenants for at least three months from March 2020. This will apply to renters in private and social accommodation. Landlords will also be able to take advantage of the three months’ ‘mortgage payment holiday’ if their Tenants are having difficulty paying the rent. At the end of this period, Landlords and Tenants will be expected to work together to establish an affordable repayment plan, taking into account the Tenant’s individual circumstances.

To support this announcement, the government has worked with the Master of the Rolls to widen the ‘pre-action protocol’ on possession proceedings, to include private renters and to strengthen its remit. Any changes to legislation will only apply to England and Wales.

Given the vague definition of “Tenant’s individual circumstances” we expect to see a rise in litigation for recovery of rent arrears when the legislation ends. 

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