Landmark Changes to Bring in No Fault Divorce

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April the 5th 2022 heralds what many are describing as the biggest change in divorce law in 40 years.

Under the old rules in England and Wales, anyone who wanted to divorce quickly had to accuse their partner in a divorce petition of desertion, adultery or unreasonable behaviour.

If not, they had to spend two years apart if both partners agreed, or five, if one of the couple objected to the split.

We have long said the system exacerbated problems for a separating couple, it can be divisive and makes it harder for them to agree over finances, assets and the future of their children.

It also often trapped people in loveless and sometimes abusive marriages as the dissenting partner controlled the one who wanted to leave.

So, what is the new divorce system?

Under the new rules one partner, or both acting together, can file for divorce, without having to give a reason or apportion blame.

A statement that their marriage is over will, in most cases, be all the proof the court needs.

There is a 20-week period between starting proceedings and applying for a conditional order, and a further six-week period before divorce is granted.

The same no-fault rule applies to the dissolution of civil partnerships.

Judges will still step in to resolve disputes over children, maintenance or the just division of wealth.

But those cases aside, legal experts say that the reforms will help a huge number of the 100,000 couples who divorce every year


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This blog was prepared by Alexander JLO’s senior partner, Peter Johnson on the 7th April 2022 and is correct at the time of publication. With decades of experience in almost all areas of law, Peter is happy to assist with any legal issue that you have. His profile on the independent Review Solicitor website can be found Here


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