Selling your home? Don’t make these basic decorating mistakes

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  1. With the property market showing a lot of demand in many areas, sellers still need to present their homes in the best possible light to beat the competition.

These common mistakes could mean that your home receives less interest and fewer offers, so it’s worth your time and consideration to rectify the following:

Get your curtains hanging correctly

Curtains are a really effective way to keep your house warm, frame your windows and add a splash of colour or texture to any room.

However, the positioning of curtains can impact the look and feel of the living space in a negative way.

Whilst you might assume that they should be hung just above the window, this actually makes the area feel smaller than it is, so it is advisable to emphasise the height of the room by fixing them as high as possible.

Open wardrobes – shut that door!

These can look great in pictures and act as a really beneficial feature to your property, however, they can soon appear untidy or ruin the room’s aesthetics.

It’s important to remember that for open wardrobes to look good, a minimalistic layout is necessary.

This can often be unpractical, especially if you’re still living in the property, but try to create clear spaces to avoid deterring buyers and devaluing your home.

Overkill on florals

Whilst the trend of floral patterns could be making a comeback, it’s important to not get too drawn into trends – after all, they are just that and what may be appropriate one month may be a fashion faux pas the next.

Going for strong design elements is a way to express your own character on your home, but you run the risk of putting buyers off by using overly decorative styles that aren’t suited to every person who comes across your home.

If you do decide to opt for patterns, try and use them as an accent rather than for every wall and piece of furniture, this will add longevity to the design.

Buying furniture that is too big for the room

Sometimes when shopping for new furniture, we are often completely drawn to a certain item, regardless of whether it works for the space we have.

However, it is vital that you try to avoid any purchases that don’t make sense for your home, if you’re planning to move in the next few months.

A room that is too cluttered could make it seem much smaller and takes away crucial space, which is becoming increasingly important to the nation’s homebuyers in the stay at home culture.

If you are considering selling and need a quote for conveyancing, why not give one of Alexander JLO’s expert property lawyers a call on 020 7537 7000 or email and see what we can do for you? We may be able to help you with some decorating tips too!

This blog was prepared by one of Alexander JLO’s property partners, Matt Johnson on the 8th February 2021 and is correct at the time of going to press. Matt is an expert in the field of conveyancing, with a specialism in new build and shared ownership work.

Matt’s profile on the independent Review Solicitor website can be viewed here.

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