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Commercial lawyers are some of the most invaluable people to any business. It is important to hire the right team, an extension of your business that can work in sync with you to achieve your business ambitions. Alexander JLO has been that team for many fantastic clients over our 48 year history and we would be delighted for you to join our many other happy clients.

We are dedicated to using our expertise to help your business thrive. The legal aspect of any business endeavour can have the most widespread impact on an organisation. At Alexander JLO we understand that the right legal team can be just as important to your business as your employees.

Commercial Law Experts

Our team of lawyers and solicitors are commercial law experts with a wide breadth of experience and knowledge to draw on. No matter your commercial law requirements, Alexander JLO has the right people for you. Among our specialist team, you will find the right lawyers for you, your business and your legal needs. Whether you need to legally set up a company, are arranging partnership agreements or need assistance with shareholder disputes our commercial solicitors are here to help.

London Based Commercial Lawyers

Alexander JLO is based in the Canary Wharf area of London Docklands placing us in the perfect position for London based businesses. We work with businesses of all sizes across London. From individuals setting out on their business foray to large multinational corporations, we are experienced working with and welcoming to all potential partners. We enjoy playing our part in the success of all our London clients (and those further afield).

Commercial Law Services

We would be delighted to help you with your company and commercial needs. We can assist with all the areas below

  • Conditions of business
  • Agency agreements
  • Company formations
  • Company buyouts
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Partnership agreements
  • Partnership disputes
  • Insolvency or liquidation proceedings
  • Full mediation services
  • Intellectual property
  • GDPR

Our Values

Every commercial lawyer at AJLO upholds the firm’s values and commitments to our clients. They take on our client-for-life philosophy and maintain the highest professional standards. Our lawyers aim to delight our clients with expert knowledge and friendly service.

Speak To A London Commercial Solicitor

If you would like to discuss your business with a member of our team and learn more about how AJLO can aid you towards your business goals, get in touch. Book a free legal appointment and we can talk about your commercial law requirements and what the AJLO can do for your business. To arrange an appointment call us on 020 7537 7000 or email your details to

Commercial Law in London: FAQs

Commercial and corporate law are related but separate areas of law. Corporate law is concerned with the lifecycle of companies, mergers and acquisitions. Commercial law covers a broader practice including intellectual property, franchising and sometimes litigation. Both practices focus on issues concerning contract law.

Agreements made with a party within the UK should specify that they are subject to English law and that the English Court has jurisdiction to hear disputes. 

When it comes to choosing a corporate lawyer in London you are spoilt for choice. An ideal corporate or commercial lawyer is not only a law expert but has strong commercial instincts and a sound grasp of corporate finances. On top of this, you will want the personal skills to back up the legal expertise. A strong communicator that professionally delivers their service is a must. Of course, we recommend the dedicated commercial lawyers here at AJLO. They each bring an extensive wealth of knowledge to the table alongside a welcoming and friendly demeanour.

The appointment of a liquidator to take over the business and assets from the director can take one to two weeks. It can be quicker in cases where 90% of shareholders agree to short notice. 

The length of the winding-up can vary and is dependent on specific circumstances. To wind up a company, a liquidator must; release assets, handle staff issues and review claims from creditors. They must also carry out investigations into the company’s affairs to see if other realisations can be made.

Whilst some standard work may be charged at a fixed price, much of corporate law is charged on an individual basis. As the work and team required for even fairly similar work can vary broadly once you get into the specifics it is difficult to pinpoint the cost of corporate and commercial law work. However, this enables complete flexibility to offer a tailored service that addresses all of your needs.