Services / Family / Ancillary Relief

Alexander JLO (AJLO), a London-based firm of solicitors has a team of experts, highly experienced in seeking ancillary relief for clients or defending ancillary relief claims.

Ancillary relief refers to the distribution between the parties of the family assets ensuring the equitable split of finances after a divorce. Alexander JLO’s highly reputable team aims to resolve ancillary relief cases amicably and without court involvement, in order to reduce tension, stress and overall costs for all parties.

Alexander JLO’s team offers hassle-free services including ancillary relief advice and carrying out negotiations on behalf of our clients. We offer a friendly and personal service and will work closely with you, to gain an accurate understanding of your financial circumstances and objectives. Our aim is to achieve a voluntary and amicable agreement, as quickly as possible, to reduce emotional pressures for all parties involved. By involving Alexander JLO in ancillary relief matters you will make the process quick, easy and hassle-free.

If a couple is unable to agree amicably, court involvement will be required to deal with the ancillary relief case. In such cases, the court has the power to make the following orders:

We would be delighted to offer a free initial appointment to discuss your requirements; however we are unable to assist with Legal Aid applications.