Wood Burners and Open Fires – the New Regulations

Wood burning

There is nothing nicer than returning home on a crisp winter evening to a roaring fire or cosy wood burner. 

Wood burners recent popularity has meant that us lawyers are used to asking for HETAS and other installation and servicing certification in our additional enquiries. 

However, were you aware that the supply of the two most polluting fuels, wet wood and house coal, will be phased out over two years from February 2021? The phased approach is to provide time for owners of wood burners to find clean (but probably more expensive) alternatives such as dry wood and manufactured solid fuels. The ban only applies in England – but it has been noted that, in practice, it might be difficult to enforce. 

You should ask your lawyer to check the local authority search to see if a property is in a smoke-controlled area (the vast majority are) and advise accordingly. In these areas, only DEFRA approved, smoke exempt wood burners can be installed. The government may also introduce a ban on wood burners that do not comply with their clean air strategy. Clearly this issue is here to stay.

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