Prenuptial Agreements

If you are looking for a reputable, experienced London-based firm of solicitors that specialises in drafting prenuptial agreements, you can rely on Alexander JLO (AJLO) Solicitors. Alexander JLO has offices in the Canary Wharf area of London Docklands.Alexander JLO’s solicitors are dedicated to providing a high quality, professional service, and its team of solicitors is committed to protecting your interests. Alexander JLO provides expert advice to assist you when drafting or negotiating a prenuptial agreement.With approximately 50% of UK marriages ending in divorce, the demand for prenuptial agreements is increasing. Prenuptial agreements are agreements made and signed before marriage, to cover the distribution of assets in the event of a marriage breakdown. Prenuptial agreements are designed to protect assets owned by each individual, before the marriage takes place.A prenuptial agreement drafted by Alexander JLO’s solicitors will provide evidence to the court of the couple’s agreement prior to the marriage, and although they are not currently automatically legally enforceable, the agreements are very influential in the resolution of divorce cases.Peter Johnson, the head of Alexander JLO Solicitor’s family law division, is a highly reputable family law solicitor with an impressive 5-star rating in the Good Lawyers Guide, for his performance in dealing with family law cases including prenuptial agreements. Peter is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and experience with his team and the company has an excellent track record in this area of expertise.We would be delighted to offer a free initial appointment to discuss your requirements; however we are unable to assist with Legal Aid applications.