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Do you know what will happen to your assets if you face a tragic death? It isn’t a pleasant topic to think about, but you owe it to your family to prioritise early will writing. If you don’t state your intentions for your money, belongings, and estate, the government will divide your assets as they see fit. Why leave the responsibility in their hands? There’s no reason to when you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes alongside drafting a plan for your future and your loved ones. 

You Need To Complete Will Writing If:

  • You have estranged relatives to whom you don’t wish to leave money or property.
  • You have children, and you want to determine who cares for them in your absence.
  • You want to provide gifts or charity donations in the event of your death.
  • You live with your partner without the contract of marriage or a civil partnership.
  • You own a business, and you’d like to determine who receives it after you.

Why Do I Need Professional Will Writing?

As with most things, you can complete will writing yourself. A testamentary will document requires you to write what you’d like to occur after your death. You sign it in the presence of two unbiased witnesses. However, wills are a legal document, and there are strict criteria to meet to ensure its validity. 

If you aren’t confident you’ll have enough time or expertise to create your own will, you need professional support. With the help of an experienced, London-based firm like Alexander JLO, you can be sure your document is lawful. Your writing must cover every base to apply in a court, and it may have to withstand family disputes.

Contesting A Will

Professionally written wills are unlikely to be successfully contested. Qualified solicitors know ambiguous phrases that the court will dispute, so you can be confident your document is clear and concise. Both friends and family can contest wills under certain circumstances.

Wills Are Usually Contested When:

  • There is evidence of undue influence. Grounds to contest are clear if the testator, or will writer, has been forced to write their will against freedom of choice. 
  • The will is likely fraudulent or forged. Forged papers include faked signatures or creating false pretences that cause the testator to remove people from their documents.
  • There are clerical errors or unclear sentences. Suppose instructions within a will aren’t clear. Perhaps there are apparent grammatical mistakes that challenge the meaning of commands. In that case, the court will often try to determine what the writer desired. 

Why Are Professional Wills Contested Less?

Seeking a London-based law firm for your will writing is a sensible idea. Professionally written documents are less likely to be challenged! One of the reasons official wills are worth the investment is the publishers are unbiased. Independent firms like ours have no investment in the outcome of your assets, so they value fairness and justice highly. 

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Additionally, with years of experience, clerical errors are an extreme rarity. You’re more likely to make a mistake as a beginner drafting your legal documents than a law firm with multiple qualified staff members. Contact us at Alexander JLO to benefit from our will-writing expertise, and protect your London-based assets.

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