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Alexander JLO’s children lawyers are highly experienced in child residence and child contact orders (custody and access orders). Alexander JLO’s lawyers are trained to recognise the importance of the child in any children’s case and the best interests of the child are always of the utmost importance. We are dedicated to resolving children’s issues quickly and with minimum tension, to relieve stress for both the child and parent.

The law encourages amicable and voluntary children agreements as they tend to be the most successful arrangements for all parties. Alexander JLO’s children lawyers offer advice and will work closely with you to ensure that your child has a stable contact and residence arrangement, which will enable the child to maintain a close and loving relationship with both parents.

Our sympathetic and understanding team of children lawyers will help you and your partner try to come to a voluntary agreement, with regard to home visits, supervised contact, visits to the non-resident parent’s home, duration and frequency of overnight stays, holidays etc.

If a voluntary agreement cannot be achieved, Alexander JLO will apply and the court will enforce a residence order or contact order, which outlines who the child will live with, and when the non-residential parent can have contact with the child.

Alexander JLO’s children solicitors specialise in the following areas and offer a wide range of children’s services:

Peter Johnson, the head of Alexander JLO’s family law department has an exceptional 5-star rating in the Good Lawyers Guide for his performance in family law and the following:

If you would like to discuss your child case with Peter or one of our experienced lawyers, we would be delighted to offer a free initial appointment; however we are unable to assist with Legal Aid applications.